Expert Packing

Shield Moving & Storage Logistics has developed a uniquely customizable method of delivering furniture, and other high value art pieces.  We can offer services ranging from expert packing, wrapping, and white glove handling all custom tailored to the unique expectations of our clientele. Our delivery specialists will handle every facet of the delivery service, and closely coordinate with the client to ensure a concierge level of service is provided.  Our delivery services can be performed on a point to point basis, or we can arrange to inspect, store, and re-deliver at a later date according to the clientele’s needs.

Special Handling

Shield Moving & Storage Logistics focuses on special handling and delivery expanding on our vast experience working with architects, interior designers, galleries, and museums.  We have developed the expertise necessary to move and deliver furniture, paintings, sculptures, multidimensional art pieces, tapestries, chandeliers, special light fixtures, large mirrors, antiques, pianos and various other luxury furniture items.