A Concierge for you

Personally supervise handling, packing, carriage, unpacking and installation per client’s instructions

We can coordinate your relocation as a concierge service. We will take charge of every phase of your move, we construct a timeline, create a plan, organize, categorize, coordinate, supervise, and finish your move for you while providing an outstanding level of professionalism.  We ensure that your possessions are well taken care of and that you are moved effortlessly and efficiently as possible with minimal disruption of your personal and professional life.

From the most basic of belongings to full sets of china, artwork, sculptures, and pianos, our concierge specialists are fully committed to ensure that all of our client’s expectations are fully met.

Work Together

Our  concierge services work closely with many high-end clientele and their representatives such as architects, designers, artist, and realtors.  This enhances our ability to tailor a detailed individual relocation plan including a timeline schedule that will provide the least disruption to the client’s life. Our specialist will work closely with the client and any vendor to quickly assess any changes or alterations that may occur either from the service provider or as per client’s request.  If that is the case, we will make sure that any issues will be handled promptly and with utmost professionalism and attention.

What will you get?


Our concierge service specialist will be present on location making sure that every service is on schedule and that the moving and packing team are ready and that all your valuables possessions are expertly packed, inventoried, transported and finally unpacked and installed according to the client provisions and specifications.  Our work will not come to conclusion until every client request is met including but not limited to carefully cleaning and unpacking.