Works Alongside Professional

Shield Moving & Storage Logistics works alongside professional designers and architects planning and simplifying the logistics side of their projects. Once a residence, condominium or office space is in the process of being renovated, refashioned or modernized, we can coordinate with the interior designer, the architect team to develop a plan to successfully complete the project. This includes the removal of pieces out of the current location and placing in appropriate storage for re-delivery and installation at a later date.  

With that purpose in mind specialized receiving is an essential benefit of using our facilities. Having a shipment arrive in perfect order is vital to the overall success of the project and meeting our client’s expectations.  At Shield Moving & Storage Logistics we acknowledge the fact that some of the client’s valuable furniture, art and decorative pieces may have journeyed great distances creating the risk of damage during transport and handling.  Each inbound piece is meticulously inspected, measured, photographed and documented. Once inspected we determine if any deficiencies or damage is found so an instant notice is provided describing any problem or abnormality discovered.