Professional Installation 

Shield Moving & Storage Logistics provides professional installation services to interior designers, architects, owners of high-end residences, trade shows and exclusive retailers.  Our crews of specialized installers are highly qualified and possess the necessary experience to execute the most challenging of projects paying particular attention to detail, which is key in providing a high level of service expected by our clientele.  We can handle the most complicated installation projects, following your precise floor plan to position each piece and furnishing in its place, to ensure that the expected outcome of the project is met, and without delay.  When required, we can also remove, store, relocate or dispose of pieces from an active project location and when necessary, those pieces can be returned at the client’s request.

Safety & Care

Our specialists are experts in hanging the most sophisticated pieces with utmost safety and care in this often difficult and complex operation. Our personnel have many years of experience in hanging a wide array of art and decorative elements such as draperies, fine art, chandeliers and tapestries among others.  We can expertly handle and install to your exact specifications, your most valuable pieces including but not limited to exclusive furniture, custom crafted & oversized furniture, paintings, sculptures, multi dimensional art, delicate fabrics & finishes, rugs, tapestries, valuable antiques, oversized mirrors, chandeliers and exotic light fixtures among others.