State-of-the-art Security


When it comes to storing your art collection, safety is crucial.  At Shield Moving & Storage Logistics, we offer state-of-the-art security at our facilities, while providing an array of related services that go hand in hand with our moving and logistics expertise. We provide climate control as well as non-climate control storage facilities for various types of art as well as inventory services, storage management services, viewing rooms and consolidation services allowing private collectors, museums and art galleries, the essential time to finish the necessary modifications, renovations and/or construction before art exhibitions are unsealed to the public.  For a specific art show or exhibition, the logistics can be entirely arranged from our storage facilities where we can consolidate the various pieces from different artist into one consignment and we can offer the same operation back to the original owner whether it is the art gallery, the art collector or the artist themselves.  

Private Storage Areas


Shield Moving & Storage Logistics offers private storage areas and our highly trained staff receives, meticulously inspects and catalogues all deliveries guaranteeing a comprehensive record of your entire storage inventory. Whether you have a single art piece, an entire art collection or have any logistic necessity for your art, we will provide you with the perfect storage location for your artwork.